Defie offers a comprehensive business management application with full control of the underlying infrastructure

Accounting and Management

Defie Accounting and Management software unifies your Sales and Accounting workflow so you can access your data exactly when you need it. All aspects of your business are integrated into one convenient software solution. You can access files, work on a Quote, check on inventory, make a payment, run a Sales Report, etc. All of this can be done in real-time from a single interface on any device.

Customer Profiles

Quote Management

Sales Tax Management

Sales Orders

Ship Sales Orders

Partial & Back Orders

Sales and Shipping Reports

Return Orders Process

Sales Documents & Folders


Vendor Profiles

Purchase Orders

Receive Purchase Orders

Partial & Back Orders

Receiving Report

Return Orders Process

Purchasing Documents & Folders


Part Number Profile

Receiving Report

Shipping Report

Inventory Management (Spare Parts)

Inventory Management (Production)

Barcode Management

Reports and Analytics

Inventory Documents & Folders

Accounts Receivable

Create Invoices

Create Credit Memos

AR Aging Reports

Cash Receipt Management

Commission Reports

Quarterly, Yearly Reports

AR Folders

Accounts Payable

AP Transaction Management

Vendor Credit Memos

Vendor Payment Management

Chart of Accounts

Print Check

AP Folders

RMA Management

Case Profile - Customer

Customer Support Management

Reporting & Analytics - Customer

Customer RMA Folders

Case Profile - Vendor

Return to Vendor Management

Reporting & Analytics - Vendor

Vendor RMA Folders

Admin Control

Company Profile

Settings and Preferences

User Management

Access Permissions

Partner Management

Admin Documents & Folders

General Accounting

General Ledger

Chart of Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Profit and Loss

Financial Statements

Financial Documents and Folders

(Future Release)

Customer/Partner Management

Users Management

Access Permissions

Accounting Process

RMA Process

Inventory Process

Reports and Analytics

(Future Release)

Bill of Materials

BOM Process

Inventory Control

BOM Management

Engineering Process

BOM Creation

Build Order Procedures

Barcode Template

ECO Implementation

Engineering Documents & Folders

Production Management

Work Order Process

Production Staging

Reports & Analytics

Production Documents & Folders

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