Cloud Computing
works best when it integrates all processes in a single end-to-end chain: infrastructure, people, applications and devices

Defie E2E Products

Defie offers pre-configured E2E platforms to manage your everyday business processes and operations. We provide end-to-end support for your transition to the cloud:

  • Hardware - Scalable servers, storage and networking; easy to manage, monitor
  • Software - Pre-integrated; ready to run out-of-the-box or can be deployed remotely
  • Implementation - Simple and fast; minimal setup time
  • Support - Different service levels per individual business requirements
By providing both the application and hardware platform, our goal is to maximize your business's productivity, security and scalability while minimizing costs.

Accounting and File Storage

1U Platform with a single node

Processors: Min 6 cores, Max 12 cores
Memory: Min 8GB, Max 1536GB
Storage: Min 500GB, Max 8TB
NIC 10Gbit Ethernet: 2 ports
Options: 10Gbit or 40Gbit Network Switch

2U Platform with 1,2, 3 or 4 node(s)

Processors: Min 10 cores, Max 80 cores
Memory: Min 16GB, Max 2048GB
Storage: Min 1TB, Max 16TB
NIC 10Gbit Ethernet: 2 - 8 ports
Options: 10Gbit or 40Gbit Network Switch

More Cluster options
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Private Cloud

Accounting and File Storage

3+ Nodes with Load Balancer

Processors: Min 36 cores, Max 252 cores
Memory: Min 56GB, Max 7648GB
Storage: Min 2TB, Max 56TB
NIC 10Gbit Ethernet: 8 - 16 ports
Options: 10Gbit or 40Gbit Network Switch

Cluster with multiple Nodes

Processors: Min 96 cores, Max 732 cores
Memory: Min 152B, Max 19.5TB
Storage: Min 5TB, Max 152TB
NIC 10Gbit Ethernet: 8 - 48 ports
10Gbit Network Switch

More Cluster options
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Accounting and File Storage
hosted by Defie

Platform with Multiple Tenants

No hardware to buy.
Hardware resources are shared with other customers.

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Platform with Single Tenant

Dedicated Server(s)
Co-locate a dedicated server with us
Control your server resources without being
responsible for maintaining the hardware.

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Hybrid Cloud Options
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