Our Journey
The first version
Obstacles - Inspirations - Solutions - Success

  • In early days, business softwares were missing key features which required external services to supplement the main accounting software package. The data was proned to inconsistency without scrutinized manual entry management in the database. Retrieving crucial information to support customers and completing daily tasks were often time-consuming. Even when our business grew, our software stayed the same with no upgrades and no add-on services.
  • Then comes the web with its vast potential. We were inspired to build our own web applications to manage our business processes and operations. Originally, we had the basic processes: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.
  • Since we are in the computer business, we realized a huge downfall in most hardware business. Components failures also need its own proper process, otherwise the business will suffer from the lack of its tracking mechanism to meet warranty time frame. We then added Customer and Vendor RMA's applications to manage this issue.
  • Our business also had opportunities to expand and build customized workstations, servers and system-based products to our customers. The applications were again extended to support Production and Manufacturing operations.
  • The web apps are hosted in our On-Premise. The LAMP stack let us experience the great cloud features (Private Cloud) since 2005. It was an amazing journey.
  • Our own software directly enhances effectiveness across the company, efficiently gathers information to assist customer inquiries, and overall helps our business grow tremendously. From a small company, we were able to achieve incredible projects which normally require extensive manpower and resources.
  • Based on our own success, we would like to share our experiences to all businesses, but with the modernized applications hosted by world-class cloud providers.

Our Journey
The new version
Challenging - Inspirations - Innovation - Exciting

  • The web applications not only helped to run our business effectively, but they also inspired us to do more. For every operational issue, we analyzed how it can be resolved with an app.
  • With the popularity of container-based microservices architectures and the Container Orchestration Platform, we saw this as a great opportunity for us to build our applications from the ground up given the latest technology. For business logic we are attentive to separation of concerns, so each process does one thing and does it the best. Users can get familiar with the featurs quickly and can access the apps on desktop, smart phone, touchpad and notebook.
  • It took us more than 5 years to perfect these commercialized applications. The investment, time, resources, and challenges overcame were worth the final outcome.
  • Developed with containerized technology and standardized web technology, our application is a perfect match with the cloud-native ecosystem. Our customers benefit from all the great features that the platform provides: consistency, scalability, security, and visibility on any Cloud environments or On-Premise.
  • This is how Defie software is defined and shaped. We are using the applications everyday so we understand your needs and expectations.
  • We are excited to introduce its exceptional features to you. We hope Defie software can assist you on your journey to the Cloud with our consistently introduce new products based on emerging technologies.
  • The future is considered and included in our roadmap. You are in good hands for many years to come.

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