Create, store, manage and deliver content
seamlessly with Defie File Management

Defie File Management

With Defie File Management, you can easily access the information you need when you need it. Attach specifications, designs, drawings and documents to related Sales Proposals, Purchase Orders, Inventory Items, Engineering Change Orders, etc. No more searching, gathering, uploading, downloading or sending files back and forth. Team collaboration is efficient and effortless when business data is always available at your fingertips. Defie File Management provides convenience and accessibility for mobile users who cannot access traditional file storage.

Store any file
Access anywhere
Collaborate with
Partners, Clients


Store files in a secure collaborative environment

Access files anywhere from any device

Share files/folders via permissions and settings

Create Files and Documents directly from Accounting services

Attach Folders and Files to business transactions

Easily locate / search for files and folders


Servers are behind the firewall

Documents on the Go

Administrative control and security

No need to copy / paste to spreadsheets

Reduce upload/download, no network bandwidth consumption

Unified experience across Mobile to Desktop

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