Just Works!
Defie business software is an affordable, easy-to-use and
fully-integrated solution that gets the job done

Cloud Platforms

    Defie software is powered by cutting-edge technology with seamless deployment to:

  • Bare Metal, clusters behind the firewall
  • Your existing computing environment powered by Linux OS
  • Your choice of Cloud Hosting Provider (Google, Amazon, MS Azure, Defie SaaS)
  • Defie-branded hardware: Application is delivered on a pre-configured platform tailored to your specific business needs


  • Multiple cloud platform choices so you can choose the service / product best suited for your business needs
  • Hosting or sharing resources with other vendor's applications
  • Ability to scale up / down company's current IT resources based on application demands and type of workload needed
  • Deployment to your existing hardware for a lower total cost of ownership
  • Greater data control offering increased privacy and security
  • Quick migration from one platform to another to support business agility and innovation

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