Defie offers a fully integrated cloud business application powered by robust-flexible platforms.

  • Our cloud-native applications built with containers and microservices technologies work well with Kubernetes and its ecosystem tools. This enables organizations run Defie business processes on any world-class providers with efficiency, scalability and adaptability
  • You get consistent experience, control and awareness across your environtments: on-premises or in the cloud. Easy to track the state of clusters along with the health of Defie applications deployed in each managed cluster.
  • Defie applications run on hybrid option with the latest cloud features is a viable, reliable, enterprise-grade platform for the next generation infrastructure.


Implementation Services
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Custom Services
Standard processes can be personized
Add-on features
Unique requirements
Database Migration


Hosting Services
Choose method that meets your requirements
SaaS - Subscription
Public Cloud
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments


Support Services
We are familiar with microservices architechture,
we can share our experience with you on:
Containerized application development
Cloud-native application deployment
Container orchestration and management

Defie Cloud-based ERP, CRM, Inventory, Manufacturing, Production help you run businesss effectively, securely.

  • Defie containerized applications can be deployed easily and consistently in a private data center, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. The great features of cloud provide your business flexibility, scalability, and data security without downtime.
  • With Defie service-based applications, your company will pay only for the processes needed and more services can be added as your business grows. Accelerate your business growth with the powerful features of Defie software and benefit from a user interface that's tailored to your specific needs.
  • Defie's software package runs on the leading-edge platforms from industry leaders to support vertical and horizontal business growth.

Increase productivity and efficiency with Defie's Business Applications

  • Faster business operations and efficient processes
  • Access real-time data securely, consistently
  • Full data security with automatic encryption
  • Reliability with data replication and backups
  • Easy to use, consistent user experience
  • Work on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or comparable device
  • Low initial invesment with automated processes to contain costs
  • Integrate the Apps with existing workflow effortlessly
  • Get the environment up and running quickly
  • In the cloud or on-premise options
  • Optimized operational agility and security
  • Centralized monitoring, logging, tracing, and observability