Work from Home or anywhere effectively and seamlessly with Defie Business Solutions
One user interface
One database
and one cost for all core business processes.

  • Lead a distributed workforce and manage organizations' operations remotely in the event of global pandemics, natural disasters, and unprecedented times.
  • Empower and motivate your remote team members. Remote workforces are proven to have boosted productivity, less stress, and higher job satisfaction. Attract top talent everywhere and reduce business overhead costs.
  • Working from home or remote work would not be possible without advances in software, applications, underlying platforms and global hosting that enable remote workforces.
  • Defie applications present the best tools to encourage your remote team in collaborating - productively, creatively, and securely. Work from Home or anywhere with confidence and ease when you have access to your company's processes. Create Quotes and Sales Orders for your valued customers in urgent times. Manage inventory with real-time data and procure materials through purchase orders to your important suppliers in minutes. Administer and analyse your company's finances by generating financial statements and AR/AP reports, different charts to visualize data anytime. Share with your customer the visibility of real-time production status. Support your engineers with design, new product introductions, Build of Materials creations by collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and slides with the entire team.
  • And more....

Operations and Processes

Sales Management
Purchasing Management
Inventory Management


Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger


Production Management
Customer and Vendor RMAs


Files Management
Cloud Document Creation
Communication & Colaboration

Defie partners and aligns with organizations whose products and services complement our own client offering.

  • Our cloud-native applications are meticulously built with containers and microservices technologies that are compatible with Kubernetes and its ecosystem tools.
  • Our applications enable organizations to run Defie business processes on any world-class cloud provider with efficiency, scalability and adaptability.
  • Enjoy a consistent experience, full control, and awareness across your environments whether on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Easy-to-manage state of clusters and health of Defie deployed applications allow for dependable work.
  • Defie applications include a hybrid option that is a viable, reliable enterprise-grade platform for the next generation of infrastructure.

Flexible hosting options to fit each business requirements and innovative investments

SaaS - Subscription
Start up quickly with a monthly affordable cost. No new software and overhead expenses purchases. Get real-time reporting and visibility across your organization.


Business applications, database is running in your data center. Easy to move to Private or Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud with full visibility into the application and database


Hybrid Cloud
Our distributed applications hosted on Anthos platform let you run, share and migrate the application workloads between On-Premise, Public Cloud and any cloud environments.